April 15, 2024

Hon. Wahab Waliu Adetunji Wabkem, the People’s Democratic Party Chairmanship candidate in Atiba local government, extends heartfelt condolences to the residents of Old Bodija following the recent tragic explosion that claimed lives and properties.

Expressing his dismay, Wabkem sends condolences to Governor Seyi Makinde for the devastating incident in Ibadan. He urges citizens to remain vigilant against the misuse of explosive devices and commends the Governor’s efforts in enhancing the state’s security architecture.

Wabkem appreciates the immediate relief measures and temporary accommodations provided to victims, lauding the Governor’s proactive response.

He conveys sympathy on behalf of his family and the Royal council, acknowledging the trauma caused by the unfortunate incident.

Emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation to bring culprits to justice and prevent future incidents, Wabkem commends Governor Swift’s establishment of an emergency hub for coordinating victim management.

He concludes by praying for strength and fortitude for those who lost loved ones and assistance for those who suffered property losses.

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