April 15, 2024

In a noteworthy session at the Oyo State House of Assembly, Chief Whip Hon. Gbenga Joseph Oyekola, representing Atiba State constituency has moved a motion of urgent importance to address what he termed as the “excesses” of officials from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

The focal point of his motion, titled “Motion Urging Action Against FRSC Harassment Over Faded Number Plates,” is the alleged harassment of motorists under the pretext of apprehending them for using faded vehicle number plates.

The motion, meticulously presented by Hon. Oyekola, delves into various facets of the issue, emphasizing the paramount importance of vehicle registration plates for identification and security.

Oyekola underscored that while the responsibility for the issuance and distribution of number plates rests with the State Licensing Authority, the design and production are within the purview of the FRSC.

Of particular concern raised during the session was the purported substandard quality of FRSC-produced number plates, leading to premature fading.

Hon. Oyekola pointed out the inherent contradiction in motorists being accosted and embarrassed for utilizing allegedly substandard plates for which they have paid.

The motion referred to the authoritative declaration by former Inspector General of Police Usman Alkali Baba, highlighting the criminality of covering number plates without approval or valid reason.

This declaration was further enforced by the FRSC, leading to concerns about the legitimacy of their actions, especially in cases of faded number plates.

Adding depth to the discussion, Hon. Oyekola drew attention to the positive example set by Lagos State, proposing that Oyo State should follow suit in the production of standard and durable number plates for its motorists.

This aspect of the motion emphasizes the need for states to take proactive measures in ensuring the quality and longevity of vehicle registration plates.

The resolutions outlined in the motion are both clear and strategic. Firstly, the FRSC is urged to limit its operations to Federal roads and refrain from harassing motorists for faded number plates. Secondly, officials from the State Licensing Office are invited to appear before the House Committee on Transportation to collaboratively explore solutions for enhancing the production of standard and durable number plates within the state.

As the motion awaits further deliberation and action by the Oyo State House of Assembly, motorists find themselves in a state of anticipation, hoping for a resolution that not only addresses their immediate concerns but also establishes a framework for fair treatment on the roads.

The assembly’s commitment to ensuring justice in this matter reflects a broader dedication to safeguarding the rights and dignity of the motoring populace.

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