June 20, 2024

In the wake of the devastating explosion that rocked Adeyi Avenue in Old Bodija, Ibadan, the PDP Chairmanship Candidate for Ibadan North, Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade, stands united with the affected community, extending heartfelt condolences and support to the victims and their families.

The incident, which unfolded in a residential area, left a profound impact on the local residents, prompting Hon. Olufade to express his deepest sympathies.

He acknowledged the gravity of the uncommon explosion and stressed the need for unity and support during these trying times.

One notable commendation from Hon. Olufade was directed towards Governor Seyi Makinde for his proactive response to the crisis.

The gubernatorial praise was bestowed upon Governor Makinde for swiftly visiting the scene of the explosion and taking decisive actions to address the aftermath.

Hon. Olufade took a moment to reflect on the lives lost in the tragic incident, offering sincere prayers for the departed souls and a swift recovery for those injured.

His words carried a sense of compassion and solidarity with the people of Ibadan and Oyo State, emphasizing the need for collective strength in overcoming such challenges.

In a call to action, Hon. Olufade urged residents to exercise caution and avoid placing explosives in residential areas.

His plea for responsible behavior aimed to prevent future calamities and safeguard the well-being of the community.

As the news of the explosion continues to reverberate throughout the state, Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade remains committed to standing by the victims and their families, offering both moral and practical support in the ongoing efforts to recover from this tragic incident.

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