June 20, 2024

About one hundred and twenty commuters of Omituntun 107 free bus in Agodi secretariat on Friday converged on the House of Chiefs, Parliament Building, Secretariat, Ibadan, to organize a new year prayer in appreciating God for his protection over their lives as well as for navigating the Governor of Oyo state, Seyi Makinde on the right path.

The 107 Bus commuters, who live in the Apata area, are among those who have benefited from Governor Makinde’s economic recovery policy by having an easy ride to their destination amidst the country’s economic downturn as a result of the subsidy removal.

During a program themed “Stress Management In A Global Economic Depression, the beneficiaries emphasized the importance of leading a stress-free life and mentioned that the nation’s current state necessitates an economic recovery plan and good hygiene in order to prevent depression.

They commended Governor Seyi Makinde for putting in places Omituntun buses to convey civil servants freely from their respective destination on daily basis as well as creating the opportunity for them to be united in prayer to kick start 2024.

While noting that the free bus had in many ways assisted them to cushion the effect of the subsidy removal in the country and prevented them from going into depression, they added that they will continue to be grateful to the Governor.

During her guest lecture on stress management, Mrs Stella Okedun exhorted the government workers to lead healthy lives, practise excellent hygiene, and avoid falling into depression at any point.

He also counselled them to always be stress-free, wear smile on their faces, as well as relaxing or participate in activities that make them happy, such as sports or anything.

However, Mr. Akande Abiodun Semiu, one of the event organisers, thanked Governor Seyi Makinde for his consideration in helping them through a difficult period, noting that the Omituntun free bus has helped many civil servants get back on their feet despite the economic downturn and reduced stress.

He disclosed that civil Servants will continue to appreciate the Governor for his friendly leadership particularly his love for the civil servants, adding that he is one of the best Governors the state has ever had in the history of Oyo state.

Alhaji Tella Bolanle, who is the cordinator of Omitutun Staff Bus 107, said that they are very much appreciative of the gesture of Governor Makinde for deeming it fit to give them a befitting vehicle as well as appreciating the Governor for his prompt payment of salaries which according to him has helped them to be able to celebrate the new year.

He said: “In Oyo State history, we have never seen a government that is more concerned with the welfare of civil servants than the one led by Governor Seyi Makinde.

“Because of this, we felt we can also come together as one and wine and dine together, pray, enjoy together, and advise ourselves on what to be done to reduce stress.

“The Governor has been able to reduce our stress despite the fuel scarcity and unavailability of vehicles. We are indeed very grateful.”

The highlight of the event was special prayers from both Muslim and Christians believers to commemorate the 2024 new year.

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