June 20, 2024

It was a moment of ecstacy in Oyo East Local Government area as the Council Chairman, Honorable Prince Arowosaye Saheed Adeyemi, commissioned a state-of-the-art healthcare center, an initiative regarded as commendable, and etched in memory of the late and esteemed Kamoru Abiola Shittu.

The Kamorudeen Abiola’s Political Dynasty, in conjunction with the traditional council, residents, community leaders, and a myriad of others, joined in extending heartfelt commendation, acknowledging the profound significance of this transformative endeavor.

As we stand here to witness the inauguration of the newly equipped Health Care Center in Kosobo, Oyo, a poignant tribute to the erstwhile Council Chairman, Late Kamorudeen Abiola Shittu, echoes through the corridors of political legacy.

Speaking at the ceremony, the former Vice-Chairman, a crucial figure during the tenure of the late chairman, expressed laudatory remarks, praising Arowosaye Saheed Adeyemi, (affectionately known as Arosad), for his swift and decisive intervention in ensuring the realization of the health center, noting the unsuccessful attempts by the late council chairman.

The resonance of appreciation extends further, as the Kamoru Shittu political dynasty extends heartfelt gratitude to Prince Arowosaye for not only reviving the memory but immortalizing the name of the great political icon, the longest-serving Executive Chairman of Oyo East Local Government, the late Honorable Kamorudeen Abiola Shittu.

The timing of this homage is underscored, as it comes at a critical juncture when the political legacy of the late chairman teeters on the brink of oblivion.

In an eloquent acknowledgment, the dynasty acknowledges Arowosaye as an enigmatic, insightful, and emerging centripetal force in the political arena.

This unparalleled gesture, naming the newly commissioned Comprehensive Health Centre in Kosobo Community as the “KAMORUDEEN ABIOLA SHITTU COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CENTRE,” is hailed as a visionary and purposeful move. Arowosaye’s actions are seen as a beacon for upcoming politicians to emulate, a sentiment echoed with a resounding “BIG THANK YOU, AROSAD.”

The significance of this nomenclature extends beyond the ordinary, showcasing Arowosaye as a political leader with foresight and insight. While it may appear inconspicuous to some, to great, insightful, and analytical minds, this act portrays Arowosaye as a great scorer with precision, a political luminary with a large heart, devoid of personal aggrandizement and hollow perception.

In a reflective narrative, Liasu Akin Alawode underscores the historical underappreciation of the late Honorable Kamorudeen Abiola Shittu, despite his exemplary contributions to city administration, governance, rural community development, and unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people.

Transitioning to the remarks of Oyo Council Boss Prince Arowosaye Saheed Adeyemi, he emphasizes the importance of Primary Health Care in addressing the majority of healthcare needs at the grassroots level. A sacrosanct commitment to invest in quality health facilities resonates as a core principle to sustain human value and enhance the well-being of people within the local government.

Expressing hope that this healthcare project will stand as a testament to their promise of bringing democracy dividends to every part of the local government, Prince Arowosaye underscores the complementary efforts to those of Governor Seyi Makinde. A pledge is made to continue with laudable and people-oriented projects, solidifying the position of the council area among the performing local governments in Oyo State and Nigeria at large.

The grand tapestry of this narrative unveils a saga of political homage, visionary leadership, and a commitment to community well-being, weaving together the threads of the past, present, and future in the vibrant fabric of Oyo East’s political landscape.

The commissioning of the edifice constructed by Arosad led administration was done by the executive secretary, of Oyo State Primary Health Care Board, Dr. M.B Olatunji.

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