June 20, 2024

Food for thought!

I said sometimes ago that the Governor is the father and no1 citizen of his state. I stated that the constitution gave them so much power.

I said much about the authority of a state Governor when I was talking about Obasanjo ordering the Obas in Oyo state to stand up for the Governor.

The youthful Yayah Bello of Kogi state has just displayed that he has powers to do and undo in his state. He did not only removed five first class monarchs from their thrones , he banished them to various states in Nigeria.

Nothing has happened since yesterday. Nothing will happen. If any riot wants to start , security men will be sent out , many rioters will die of gunshots , many will be permanently wounded. A judicial panel of inquiry will be set up and life continues as usual. The dead are dead. Don’t dare Governors in Nigeria.

Gentle BOY of Oyo state , pls permit me to use ” gentle BOY ” because of his youthful looks and unassuming demeanor. Although some people who are close to him said the guy could be tough and stubborn. I don’t know him more than seeing his face on the social media handles. The gentle BOY of Oyo state on the other hand used his own powers to pardon some prisoners and commute the death sentences of some inmates to life improvement.

Two young Governors , two ways of thinking , two methods of administration , two display of power. I admire GSM greatly , much more his humble and masses oriented policies. The Yoruba proverbs says , THE GENTILITY OF A TIGER IS NOT OF COWARDICE.

If we have a listening Governor , let us appreciate him. Though no one is perfect , that is why we are all human , GSM may have his own weaknesses and faults but it is obvious that he a is a compassionate and considerate leader.

I overheard some opposition parties say the other day that except this GSM make some fatal mistakes that they can capitalize on , to dislodge his political structure and tarnish his reputation in the eyes of people , gaining prominence and acceptability in eyes of Oyo state people will be very difficult before 2027.

May the plans of the enemies never succeed on GSM. If third term is possible for Governors , GSM has my vote. I pray that the person GSM is hoping to nominate and endorse for 2027 Governorship election will be like him or near him in humanitarian services and fear of God.

Let us as people appreciate God for GSM. Let us respect and support the “gentle BOY”. Let the young and the old know that Makinde has constitutional powers to do “THINGS” . Let us not trample on his face.

On every occasion and at every event , let the Obas and the Chiefs stand up to honor him. May we never experience YAYAH BELLO SYNDROME in Oyo state.

My sympathy goes to the affected monarchs in Kogi state. The royal families are all in sorrowful moods. There is tension in all the affected kingdoms and definitely bad blood will begin among the ruling houses. Hope unrest will not start soon.

To our own gentle BOY.
Love you brother.
Love you GSM

Biodun Adekola writes from Ibadan.

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