June 20, 2024

The federal lawmaker representing Ibadan Southwest/Northwest Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, Hon Stanley Olajide Adedeji Odidiomo fulfilled one of his campaign promises by laying the foundation of an ICT Hub at Oke Bola Comprehensive High School in Ibadan Southwest.

The foundation of the ICT hub was laid on the 23rd of December 2023, to fulfill his promise to always look out for his people and, more importantly, equip the youth with the needed digital skills to succeed in this ever-changing digital landscape.

He promised to give his all and ensure that the people of IBNW/ IBSW federal constituencies all enjoy the dividends of democracy.

He further promised to leave no stone unturned till the new narrative of giving the constituency wards and children a solid foundation and footing in the digital world is fully established.

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