June 20, 2024

Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel, representing Ibadan North constituency 2 in the Oyo State House of Assembly, has extended his heartfelt congratulations to Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade, the PDP Chairmanship Candidate for Ibadan North, as he celebrates another year of life.

Describing Olufade as an easygoing individual and a staunch advocate of good governance, Hon. Babajide, affectionately known as the jagaban of the Oyo State Assembly, shared a poignant quote to amplify his wishes, saying:

“I congratulate Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade on this special day.

You embodies the spirit of positive leadership and good governance, and I am confident that you will continue to make significant contributions to our community.

May this year bring you good health, prosperity, and success in the upcoming Local Government election and your future role as the Chairman of Ibadan North Local Government.”

The lawmaker’s message not only reflects the spirit of unity and support within the political landscape of Oyo State but also underscores the shared commitment to fostering a progressive and prosperous community.

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