June 20, 2024

Ibadan North PDP Chairmanship Candidate, Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade, extends heartfelt congratulations to the residents of Ibadan North, Oyo State, and Nigeria as we enter the New Year of 2024 successfully.

In a New Year message shared with the press, Olufade urges the people of Ibadan North, Oyo State, and Nigeria to let kindness guide them, uplifting one another and contributing to the creation of a society where everyone can flourish.

The New Year message reads:

“In the spirit of the New Year, let’s extend heartfelt felicitations to the resilient and vibrant community of Ibadan North Local Government, Oyo State, and the great nation of Nigeria.

As we step into the promising canvas of 2024, may the tapestry of our collective aspirations be woven with threads of unity, prosperity, and joy.

In Ibadan North, may the year ahead bring forth new opportunities for growth, strengthened bonds of community, and a flourishing spirit that transcends every challenge.

Let us stride into the future with determination, knowing that together, we can overcome any hurdle that comes our way.

As we embrace the dawn of 2024 in Nigeria, let it be a beacon of hope, heralding positive transformations and a renewed commitment to the well-being of our fellow citizens.

May the nation continue to thrive in peace and unity, and may the dreams of every Nigerian find fulfillment on the canvas of this New Year.

In our hearts, let’s harbor prayers for prosperity, health, and harmony to prevail. May the coming months be marked by abundance, good health, and shared moments of joy. Let kindness be our compass, guiding us to uplift one another and build a society where everyone can flourish.

As we embark on this journey into the new year, let our collective prayers echo in the hearts of every individual, resonating with the shared vision of a brighter, more harmonious future for Ibadan North, Oyo State, and the entire nation of Nigeria. Happy New Year!”

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