June 20, 2024

“Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.” – Simon Sinek.

In a resounding demonstration of unwavering leadership, Hon. Adedeji Stanley Olajide (Odidiomo), the House of Representatives member representing the good people of Ibadan Northwest/Southwest Federal Constituency, has left an indelible mark in the year 2024.

His dynamic and visionary approach to governance reflects an extraordinary commitment to the welfare and progress of his constituents.

“Fuel Subsidy Advocacy: A Voice for the People”

At the forefront of national issues, Hon. Odidiomo passionately advocated for the approval of N500 billion to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians impacted by the fuel subsidy issue.

His resolute voice echoed the concerns of the masses, marking him as a true advocate for the people.

“Addressing Pilgrims’ Hardships: A Champion for Religious Welfare”

Recognizing the challenges faced by pilgrims, Odidiomo initiated a crucial motion to investigate the National Hajj Commission (NAHCON). This move reflects his commitment to ensuring the well-being of citizens on religious pilgrimages.

“Cyber Security Leadership”

Steering Nigeria into a Secure Digital Future
In a significant development, Hon. Odidiomo was confirmed as the Chairman of the House Committee on Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Cyber Security. This strategic position places him at the forefront of steering Nigeria’s tech sector to global prominence.

“Empowering Education: Investing in the Future”

Understanding the pivotal role of education in societal progress, Odidiomo facilitated the establishment of a Solar Powered ICT Hub at Adifase Grammar School, Apata, Ibadan. Another ICT Hub at Bashorun Ogunmola Secondary School at Iyana Adeoyo, Ring Road.

These initiatives empowers students with access to modern technology, laying the foundation for a tech-savvy generation.

“Expanding Access to Technology: Bridging the Digital Divide”

In a bid to bridge the digital divide, Hon. Odidiomo facilitated another Solar Powered ICT Hub, this time at Community High School, Ekotedo, Ibadan. This endeavor aims to provide equal opportunities for students to thrive in the digital age.

“Skills Development: Nurturing Talent for the Future”

Recognizing the importance of skills development, Odidiomo facilitated an intensive digital skill training program powered by NITDA for over 100 young people in the constituency. This initiative not only imparts valuable skills but also positions the youth for success in a technology-driven world.

“ICT Hub Foundation: Paving the Way for Technological Advancement”

As Chairman of the House Committee on ICT, Odidiomo laid the foundation of a modern ICT Hub in Ibadan, reaffirming his commitment to continuous support for constituents in the realm of information and communication technology.

“Upholding National Security: Investigating Security Leaks”

In a bid to ensure national security, Odidiomo led a motion to investigate the leakage of classified information and documents from security agencies. This reflects his dedication to upholding the integrity and safety of the nation.

“Victory Upheld: A Resolute Stand for Justice”

The Court of Appeal upheld Odidiomo’s victory, dismissing claims against his reelection. This legal triumph reaffirms the mandate bestowed upon him by the constituents.

“Internet Regulation Advocacy: Protecting Businesses and Users”

Odidiomo passionately advocated for the regulation of the internet to protect business owners and internet users from online predators. His foresight emphasizes the need for a secure online environment for economic activities.

Data Privacy Clubs: Championing Privacy Education

In a forward-thinking move, Odidiomo sought the creation of Data Privacy Clubs in schools. This initiative reflects his commitment to raising a generation conscious of data privacy issues in the digital age.

Empowering Youths and Women: A Commitment to Inclusive Growth*
Through skills training and cash grants, Odidiomo empowered youths and women in the IBNW/IBSW Federal Constituency, fostering inclusive growth and economic empowerment.

Hon. Adedeji Stanley Olajide Odidiomo’s leadership in 2024 stands as a testament to his dedication, innovation, and advocacy for the well-being and progress of the people he serves. As the year concludes, his impactful initiatives pave the way for a brighter future for Ibadan Northwest/Southwest Federal Constituency.

Operation Light Up IBNW/IBSW

Solar street light installation in all wards in the IBNW/IBSW Federal Constituency.

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