June 20, 2024

In a profound expression of admiration and warm congratulations, Pastor Oluwagbemiro A. Taiwo, the distinguished fourth commissioner of the Oyo State Civil Service Commission, took a moment to commemorate the 56th birthday of the esteemed Governor Seyi Makinde.

Hailing from the Surulere local government of Oyo state, Pastor Taiwo not only celebrated the governor’s milestone but also seized the opportunity to commend his unwavering dedication to the principles of good governance.

In a statement that echoed with sincerity and appreciation, Pastor Taiwo remarked, “I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Governor Seyi Makinde on this special occasion of his 56th birthday.

Governor Makinde has proven time and again that he is not just a leader but a leader for the people. His commitment to the welfare of all citizens is truly commendable.”

Pastor Taiwo went on to elaborate on the governor’s people-centric approach, noting, “Governor Makinde prioritizes the well-being of the citizenry and consistently ensures that their needs are addressed.

His leadership style reflects a genuine concern for the people, and he has managed to put smiles on the faces of our fellow citizens.”

The commissioner reserved special acknowledgment for Governor Makinde’s compassionate stance during challenging economic times, saying, “I want to express my sincere gratitude to Governor Makinde for his support during economic hardships.

He has been a pillar of strength for the workers of our state, coming to their aid when they needed it the most.”

Highlighting the governor’s commitment to fulfilling promises of good governance, Pastor Taiwo remarked, “It is truly commendable that Governor Makinde has kept to his promises of good governance. His dedication to serving the people and delivering on his commitments is evident in the positive changes we see in Oyo state.”

Concluding his message, Pastor Taiwo offered prayers for Governor Makinde’s continued guidance, wisdom, and understanding in steering the affairs of Oyo state.

“As Governor Makinde adds another year, my prayer is for God to continue to guide him aright and grant him the wisdom and understanding needed to lead our beloved state.

May God also bless him with sound health and many more meaningful years on earth.” He submitted.

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