June 20, 2024

Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel, the Honorable member representing Ibadan North Constituency 2 at the Oyo State House of Assembly, has extended his warmest congratulations to Governor Seyi Makinde on the occasion of his birthday anniversary.

In a congratulatory statement released to the press in Ibadan, Hon. Adebayo Babajide expressed his admiration for Governor Seyi Makinde, highlighting the significance of sharing a birthday with Jesus Christ.

He acknowledged the importance of this special date, not only in the lives of Christians worldwide but also in the hearts of the people of Oyo State, who celebrate their esteemed leader.

“The birth of Jesus Christ, celebrated by Christians globally today, is a date that holds great meaning. It signifies love, unity, and kindheartedness.

It is no coincidence that Oyo State has experienced peace and tranquility throughout Governor Seyi Makinde’s first term in office, and we can see that this trend continues into his second term,” stated Hon. Adebayo Babajide.

He further commended the Governor for his remarkable developmental strides, progressive policies, and wise political decisions, which have elevated Oyo State to an enviable position among its peers.

The people of Oyo State take immense pride in Governor Seyi Makinde, pledging their unwavering support to his administration.

“As you mark yet another year of your illustrious life, Myself and the good people of Ibadan North wish you abundant blessings and the continued strength to steer the ship of our dear state towards greatness.

The people of Oyo State anticipate a future filled with progress and success under your esteemed leadership.”

“Your birthday anniversary celebration serves as a reminder of the remarkable achievements and positive impact you’ve made stirring the ship of our dear State.

Your reign as the Executive Governor of Oyo State has brought about unprecedented growth and development, and it is the hope of the people that this greatness will endure.

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