June 20, 2024

Royal Entertainment Cruise has congratulated Jagunmolu of Ondo Kingdom, Governor Seyi Makinde on his birthday anniversary today.

In his congratulatory message, Mr Sanmi thanked Governor Makinde for all his efforts in serving the people of Oyo State; more so, his efforts towards the attainment of Sustainable Development for the good people of Oyo State.

Sanmi extolled the virtues of Governor Makinde whom he described as “thoroughbred man with good character, courage, hard work, humility, respect and honour attributable to an Omoluabi”. One of Governor Makinde’s notable contributions is his emphasis on inclusivity and citizen participation in decision-making processes.

He has consistently engaged with various stakeholders, including civil society organizations, traditional rulers, and youth groups, to ensure that their voices are heard and considered in policy formulation and implementation.

“Ever since he emerged as governor of Oyo State, things have improved considerably in terms of quality and sound policies, servant leadership, improved quality of life as well as the general perception of Oyo State.

Governor Makinde’s political career has been marked by his unwavering belief in democratic principles. From the very beginning, he recognized the importance of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability in governance.

His commitment to these values has been evident through various initiatives and policies aimed at empowering the people and ensuring their active participation in decision-making processes.

By championing democratic values, Governor Makinde has set an example for other leaders and inspired citizens to actively engage in shaping their communities.

l hope that your birthday this year is a celebration of the compassionate person that you are and all the good things that you do.

Happy birthday sir!

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