July 16, 2024

Similar to the proverbs “a city built upon a hill cannot be hidden” and “a golden fish in a river has no place to hide,” it is now impossible for the contributions, accomplishments, and services of someone like Hon. Dr. Salami Oladeji DIKKO to go unacknowledged.

The astute Chairman and Sole Administrator of the Oyo State Pacesetter Transport Services, Hon. Dr. Salami Oladeji DIKKO, was specially decorated as the Grand Commander of Ibadan Culture by the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII) two weeks after his convocation ceremony as Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting.

The event is considered the beginning of the Ibadan Cultural Festival 2024.

The decoration was said to be in recognition of his roles as a model and exemplary ambassador of Ibadan land, culture and tradition through his commitment to matters that concerns Ibadan.

It was duly noted by the President General of the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes, Chief Sulaimon Ajeniyi Ajewole, during the occasion of the decoration, that in very few years of participation in public service by the Accountant, he has done incredibly beyond what anyone could envisage and thus deserves recognition.

The Chairman of the Ibadan Cultural Festival 2024 Planning Committee, Balogun Gaphar Ojetola, also reiterated that Hon. Dr. Dikko has been a notable ambassador of the Ibadan people and has brought pride and smiles to the faces of other Ibadan indigenes, and it was a easy pick for members of the Committee and the CCII as a whole to unanimously recognize and decorate him as the Grand Ambassador.

Hon. Dikko wasn’t just decorated and awarded as the Grand Ambassador of the CCII, but history records him to be the youngest ever to be awarded with this distinguished laurel.

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