June 20, 2024

Hon. Adedeji Olajide Odidiomo,demonstrating a steadfast dedication to the well-being of his constituent, implemented a comprehensive empowerment initiative in the IBNW/IBSW Federal Constituency, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of residents.

The collaborative effort between Hon. Odidiomo, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Idi-Ayunre, and Delev Speed International Services resulted in a comprehensive skills acquisition training program for the youth and women of selected areas within the constituency.

Earlier yesterday December 21, 2023, over a thousand beneficiaries from the 11 wards of IBNW and the 12 wards of IBSW Federal Constituency were not only equipped with valuable skills but also received cash grants as a tangible expression of support.

The tangible impact of this initiative was palpable, reflected in the radiant smiles and genuine joy on the faces of those who now stand better equipped to navigate the challenges of life.

Hon. Adedeji Odidiomo, in a heartfelt expression of gratitude, conveyed his aspirations for continued divine grace from the Almighty Allah, enabling him to do even more for the constituency he serves. His words echoed a sincere dedication to the well-being and prosperity of the people under his representation.

The event served as a rallying point for political figures and leaders within the constituency and Oyo state at large. Notable personalities present included the esteemed Hon. Abass Aleshinloye, the foremost leader of Ibadan Southwest; Hon. Remi Ayodele, the revered IBNW leader; Hon. Marouf Balogun, the PDP Party Chairman of Ibadan South West; Hon. Lukman Adesina, the Northwest PDP party chairman; Hon. Tajudeen Adeladan, popularly known as Baba Banker; Hon. Wale Afolabi, fondly referred to as WACO; Alhaji Bukola Tirimisiyu; Lady Evangelist Kikelomo Shogbesan, affectionately known as Mama Mukeso, and a multitude of dedicated party faithful.

This empowering event, beyond being a testament to Hon. Adedeji Odidiomo’s unwavering dedication to his constituents, marks a pivotal moment in the socioeconomic development of the IBNW/IBSW Federal Constituency.

It not only addresses immediate needs but also lays the foundation for sustainable progress and positive change, reflecting the essence of leadership that goes beyond rhetoric to tangibly impact lives for the better.

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