July 15, 2024

In a resounding testament to his unwavering commitment to community development, Chief Benedict Akika, founder of Omituntun Benedict Forum, the esteemed Agbaakin Olorundaaba Aba and Mayegun of Akobo, has once again risen to the occasion by initiating a road grading project.

The current phase of this endeavor encompasses the enhancement of vital arteries in various communities, including Lakuru, Yeosa, Delight Estate, Oroge, and Idi Ape.

Chief Akika, a paragon of civic-mindedness, derives genuine joy from enriching the lives of his fellow citizens in multifaceted ways.

His latest undertaking involves the meticulous grading of roads, a transformative effort that promises to elevate the living standards of residents in these diverse communities.

The communities of Lakuru, Yeosa, Delight Estate, Oroge, and Idi Ape can anticipate not just the physical improvements but also the positive ripple effects on their collective well-being.

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