February 23, 2024

••••Reaffirmed support for councillorship candidates

The good people of Ward 08 in Atiba local government area of Oyo State have assured the Chairmanship candidate, Hon. Wahab Waliu Adetunji, his vice, Badmus Olaide Ismail, and all the Councilorship candidates of massive votes across units and wards to ensure their victory in the forthcoming council elections.

During the commencement of the ward tour at Ajalaruru Ward 08, Isale-Oyo, Mr. Ogundokun Wasiu Olaide expressed his unwavering support, emphasizing the non-negotiable commitment to providing 100 percent votes for all PDP candidates. He highlighted the party’s agenda, focusing on the masses.

Ogundokun stated, “We will monitor our votes across units and wards. Ward 08 has a large number of electorates, and we aim to be the ward with the highest votes across the Royal Council.”

Hon. Kehinde Aleem, the local party secretary, affirmed, “We are blessed with rightful candidates accepted by party chieftains, stakeholders, and faithful members. Their antecedents in the Royal Council and significant contributions to community development speak volumes of the ‘Omoluabi’ concept.”

Alh. Olanrewaju Muhammed (a.k.a M.M), a state executive of the PDP, emphasized the candidates’ positive relationship with party executives and members, highlighting their role as great unifiers, transcending gender and political affiliations.

“Going down memory lane, Ward 08 has the highest record of votes in history. We promise to repeat this at the forthcoming council poll. Our candidates are loaded with developmental projects, community development, economic prosperity, and more,” he added.

Hon. Wale Ajibade (Yomocco) assured party members of modern development in Atiba, emphasizing the era of liberation in terms of democracy dividends, youth and women empowerment, productive capacity building, and infrastructural development.

Adelaja reassured electorates and party members that the Chairmanship candidate, Hon. Wahab Waliu Adetunji WABKEM, his vice Badmus Olaide Ismail, and the Ward 08 Councilorship candidate, Hon. Ganiyu Abass, will perform excellently well, bringing dividends of democracy to every corner of Ward 08 in Atiba local government.

Hon. Omoniyi Nathaniel Adewale stated that Wabkem is a Democrat per excellence, a unifier, and the electorate’s choice. He highlighted Wabkem’s vast legislative experience, providing an outstanding advantage for executing remarkable, visible, and worthy projects.

In his remarks, Hon. Wahab Waliu Adetunji (WABKEM), the Chairmanship candidate for the forthcoming local government election in Atiba, thanked Ward 08 PDP members for their warm reception and solid acceptance of his candidacy. He promised an all-inclusive governance with people-oriented policies to transform the Royal Council.

Wabkem praised the ward members and party executives for their commitment to voting massively for him and other PDP candidates, assuring them of productive democratic governance at the grassroots.

His entourage included all the Councilorship candidates from Ward One to Ten, Alh. Kabiru Ashamu (LGA Party Chairman), Kehinde Aleem (LGA Party Secretary), Hon. Alayande, Hon. Ismail Olaide Badmus, Hon. Badmus Sheu (former Secretary Atiba LGA), Deacon Oyegbami, Alhaji Saheed Babalola, Hon. Salawu Olatunji, Leader Odugbemi, and several others.

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