March 3, 2024

Ibadan Mega Voice (IMV), a collective of Ibadan-born media professionals, proudly bestowed an honor upon the Iyaloja General of Oyo State, Princess Folashade Azeezat Abeo NURUDEEN, in acknowledgment of her exceptional leadership and dedicated service to Ibadanland.

The prestigious award presentation took place at one of the outlets of Iyaloja General, located at Bodija, Ibadan, specifically at Ur’image Couture boutique. The IMV team, led by Aare Anisoloja of Agidigbo FM, had the privilege of presenting the award to Princess Folashade Azeezat Abeo NURUDEEN.

During the presentation, Aare Samuel Ibukunle Arugboboisi, the IMV Publicity Secretary from Fresh FM Nigeria, addressed the gathering.

He emphasized that the honor conferred upon Princess Folashade Azeezat Abeo NURUDEEN is not merely due to her official position in the state but, more importantly, for her unwavering support and visionary approach in driving development in Ibadanland.

Arugboboisi noted that with the IMV’s guiding slogan, “Ibadan First,” the aim is to inspire individuals like Princess Folashade Azeezat Abeo NURUDEEN to always prioritize Ibadan in their endeavors.

This recognition serves as a tribute to Princess Folashade Azeezat Abeo NURUDEEN’s impactful contributions to the growth and development of Ibadan, and IMV expresses gratitude for her commitment to the city’s progress.

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