February 22, 2024

“Whoever can be faithful with very little can also be faithful with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.
Luke 16:10.

The above statement from the christian Holy Bible is attributed to Yeshua Hamashiach, popularly referred to as Jesus Christ in Christianity, and Prophet Isah in Islam. This assertion defines the life and political trajectory of Barrister Adebayo Abdulraheem Lawal; a man who was faitful with little is now trusted with much because of his faithfulness with the little.

In 1999, when Late Governor Lam Adesina appointed Bayo Lawal as the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, he left a footprint at the Ministry of Justice that has continued to serve as a guide to his successors.

Also, in 2021 when Governor Seyi Makinde announced Lawal as Chairman of the Oyo State Housing Corporation, many who are familiar with his antecedents were in no doubt that he would succeed. They however did not know how far he would excel at the helms of the agency .

The almost moribund corporation, which was living in its past glory, was in dire need of a strong and efficient leadership to give it a new lease of life. Enter Chief Bayo Lawal. Today, the agency is running like a well-oiled machine under his leadership .

Lawal’s stellar performance at the Housing Corporation caught the attention of his admirers, chief amongst them is no other than the Executive Governor of Oyo state, Engr. Seyi Abiodun Makinde, a man who strongly believes in Science,Data and Logic.

Makinde observed with keen interest that Lawal, though a lawyer, deployed the aspect of scientific management to revive a corporation that was virtually belly-up. Certainly, there was more than sufficient data to testify to Lawal’s success stories as all these have been achieved logically.

The fragrance of Lawal’s successes at the Housing Corporation permeated the air around Governor Makinde so much that when the time came for the governor to choose his running mate for the 2023 governorship elections, Lawal stood head and shoulders above his would-be competitors. This is because he was a man who had been trusted with little and had delivered above expectations with every sense of honesty and integrity. Who better deserving to be Makinde’s running mate for the 2023 elections than “Mr Housing” Barrister Adebayo Abdulraheem Lawal.

History is not just the study of the past, but an explanation of the present said a wise man. When Lawal assumed his position as the Deputy Governor, he was again trusted with little.

Makinde entrusted him with the responsibilities of the Housing Corporation, Oyo Road Maintenance Agency, OYOSROMA and the Ministry of Justice and yet again the Pride of Oke Ogun excelled.

Today, Governor Seyi Makinde has again charged Lawal with overseeing the Ministries of Culture and Tourism, Special Duties, Establishment And Training, and Oyo State Housing Corporation where it all started. Without a doubt, the reward for Success is more hard work, Lawal’s hunger for excellence anywhere he operates continues to be a sign post that attracts more responsibilities to him.

Chief Bayo Lawal has been trusted with more. Surely, he will bring his administrative acumen and efficiency to bear at the latest responsibilities.

By Omolere Omoetan is the Special Assistant Media to the Deputy Governor.

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