June 20, 2024

Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chairmanship Candidate for Ibadan North, celebrated the birthday of the esteemed PDP Chieftain, Baba Ismaila Ashipa, with genuine appreciation and admiration.

Describing Baba Ashipa as a “father figure who consistently desires the best for young people,” Hon. Oluwaseun expressed heartfelt gratitude, saying, “Baba Ashipa’s guidance has been a beacon for us all, especially the youth within the party. His wisdom and commitment to our well-being are truly inspiring.”

In a moment of reflection, Hon. Oluwaseun extended his thanks to Baba Ashipa for his unwavering support, noting, “I am deeply grateful for Baba Ashipa’s presence at the Ibadan North PDP meeting ground during my official unveiling as the PDP Chairmanship Candidate for the upcoming 2024 Local Government election.

His support is a pillar of strength for our campaign.”

Closing his remarks with a prayer, Hon. Oluwaseun said, “May God continue to strengthen Baba Ashipa and may He grant him a long, meaningful life filled with prosperity.

His contributions to our party and community are immeasurable.”

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