February 22, 2024

The erstwhile president, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) and immediate past Director- General Oyo State Liaison office Abuja and Lagos State, Hon Wale Ajani today, bagged a national award under the aegis of Coalition of Nigerian Youth on Safety and Security Affairs, CONYSSA as the ICON of DRUG FREE SOCIETY IN NIGERIA.

The award was conferred on him in recognition of his selfless commitment to the course of the youth ,community service, advancement of humanity, and campaign for a drug free society.

According to CONYSSA while delivering the award to him,

“free society is an encouragement to the younger generation. Your social activities have been a source of motivation to the youths of Oyo State and the nation at large”

“Hon Wale Ajani has been a good representative of the youth ever since he was the NYCN president and has not relented in setting the pace for the youths”

“CONYSSA honours Wale Ajani as a result of his past efforts in the youth constituency in Nigeria and his continuous advocacy for youth to shun hard drugs, smoking and other defiant behaviours”

“He has over the years lived for the youths course,campaigning vigorously against the consumption of hard drugs , he believed that hard drugs will only do no good but harm and this is why we have identified him as a force to be commended and recognized for his impacts in the aforementioned areas “

While responding at the occasion, he said:
“Resulting to hard drugs is tantamount to a suicide mission. Hard drugs affect the consumers physiologically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally and virtually in other aspects of human life. If youth who claimed to be the future of the nation are already addicted to various hard drugs, one can conclude that such a country is sitting on gun powders”

“However, the youth are encouraged to be proactive, relentless, focused and visionary in accomplishing greater heights.
I commend CONYSSA for deeming it feet in complementing the security of our nation especially at this time when the security of Nigeria is greatly threatened. Youths are the driving force of any nation and therefore must be positively explored economically, security-wise, politically, religiously, etc in order to move the nation forward”

“It is understandable that the government at all level has reneged on their duties in creating enabling environment as well as providing a wide range of orientation and reorientation to let the youths discover and explore the potentials in them”

Nevertheless, I admonish the younger generation to be resilient because Nigeria is a great nation and as citizens, we are all image makers of the country and should be recognized by what we do to make the nation greater, our contributions to global development and our roles in making Nigeria a sane society is non negotiable ” He emphasized.

“I call on government and all concerned stakeholders to create an avenue wherein the youths can be more engaged to bridge the gap between the youth and the government. All state government as well as the federal governments are enjoined to make this country a sanner society by investing in youths through various empowerment programmes.”

“Federal government especially should prioritize the youth constituency much more by actively engaging the youthful class in a way that will boost the economy of the country, this will in turn attract foreign investors”

This award is believed to be an impetus to drive the awardee to do much more as He forge ahead.

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