July 16, 2024

Chairman, Oyo State Muslim Pilgrims Board, Alhaji Hashim Atere has expressed heartfelt commendation for the realization and commissioning of the Adogba Ultramodern Mosque.

The commendation comes as a fulfillment of Governor Makinde’s 2019 promise to rebuild the central mosque after its demolition to pave the way for the Iwo Road Interchange development.

Atere, who lauded the governor’s unwavering commitment to Islam and the Muslim community on Thursday, described the fulfillment of the promise as an exemplary and remarkable feat.

He emphasized the governor’s continuous and unprecedented contributions to Islam before office and since assuming office in 2019.

“I sincerely commend Gov. Makinde’s usual contribution towards Islam and the Muslim ummah. The rebirth of Adogba Mosque into an ultramodern masterpiece is yet another testament to his exemplary leadership since 2019,” Atere remarked.

The Saudi-Arabia trained scholar highlighted the significance of the achievement, particularly in dispelling previous misconceptions surrounding Governor Makinde’s commitment to religious inclusivity.

Atere noted that the governor’s promise, fulfilled beyond expectations, contradicted earlier perceptions of religious bias that the Adogba mosque rebirth was politically motivated.

“It is important to note that, as opposed to the outpouring of emotion following Adogba Mosque’s demolition, where Gov. Makinde was nicknamed a religious bigot, this promise has proven otherwise, surpassing the imagination of onlookers,” he added.

Alhaji Hashim Atere concluded his commendation by urging the Muslim community to rally behind the administration, emphasizing the need for continued support to ensure the success of such laudable projects.

“The rebirth of the Adogba Ultramodern Mosque stands not only as a testament to Governor Seyi Makinde’s commitment to his promises but also as a symbol of religious harmony and inclusivity in Oyo State”, he stated.

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