March 3, 2024

Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel, the representative for Ibadan North Constituency 2 in the Oyo State House of Assembly, lauded the post-inaugural two-day workshop held in Akwa Ibom State as a significant learning opportunity for all 32 members of the assembly.

Emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, Hon. Babajide Gabriel expressed that “learning is a fresh and continuous process. A good learner is one who learns, unlearns, and relearns.”

He believes that the workshop has added substantial value to the assembly members, fostering growth and development.

The workshop, attended by both new and re-elected members of the Oyo State House of Assembly, is seen as a vital resource for enhancing legislative skills.

Hon. Babajide Gabriel commended the Chairman Conference of All Speakers of State Legislatures in Nigeria, Rt. Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin, who is also the Speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly, for his exemplary leadership.

Describing the two-day workshop as an indelible memory for all participants, Hon. Babajide Gabriel expressed gratitude to the Akwa Ibom State Assembly Speaker and members for their warm hospitality.

He underscored the importance of making the acquired knowledge reflect in the legislative engagement and duties of the participants for the betterment of the state and the development of Nigeria.

Hon. Babajide Gabriel concluded by imploring all participants to ensure that the knowledge gained during the workshop translates into positive legislative actions, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in serving the people of Oyo State and contributing to the progress of the nation.

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