March 3, 2024

In a significant move towards fostering collaboration and enhancing economic development, Asiwaju Oloja in Oyo State, Chief Mrs. Juliana Titilola Raimi, alongside the Iyaloja General, Princess Folashade Azeezat Abeo, recently visited the Airport Manager, Mr. Ojo Adedeji A., at the Samuel Ladoke Akintola Airport Alakia, Ibadan.

The visit, as stated in a press release personally signed by the Airport Manager on November 8, 2023, aimed to explore potential partnerships between market-traders in Oyo State and the airport authority. The focus is on identifying opportunities for the establishment of a modern international market on the airport land, with the expectation that such an initiative would contribute to the development of the region and generate additional revenue for the airport and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

During the meeting, Chief Mrs. Juliana Titilola Raimi, known as Mama Raimi, shared insights into her longstanding role in overseeing markets in Oyo State since 1985. She explained that due to age considerations, she has recently relinquished the position of Iyaloja and has been elevated to Asiwaju Asoju Iyalojas in Oyo State. Mama Raimi took the opportunity to officially introduce Princess Folashade Azeezat Abeo NURUDEEN, daughter of the late Alaafin of Oyo, as the newly appointed Iyaloja General of Oyo State.

Chief Mrs. J.T. Raimi provided historical context, outlining the evolution of market operations in Oyo State. Ibadan, she noted, initially had four major markets: Agbeni Market, Dugbe Market, Oritamerin Market, and Oje Alaso and Oje Olobi Market. While Oje Alaso market operated at seventeen-day intervals, Oje Olobi market ran on a nine-day interval, now transitioning to daily operations.

Mama Raimi highlighted the growth in market numbers, noting that Ibadan alone boasts two hundred and ninety-five (295) markets, while the entire Oyo State hosts four hundred and ninety-five (495) markets.

This collaborative effort between market leaders and the airport authority reflects a commitment to economic development, job creation, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

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