February 23, 2024

Honorable Adeniyi Adeyinka Kazim Bibire, former Special Adviser to Governor Seyi Makinde on local government and chieftaincy matters as congratulated Bashorun Saintabbey on the occasion of his birthday celebration.

Saintabey, known for his distinguished career as an academic, educationist, and unwavering supporter of Governor Seyi Makinde, marked another significant year in his life’s journey.

Bashorun Saintabbey, celebrated for his multifaceted personality and steadfast commitment to Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration, observed another remarkable year in his life.

Hon. Adeniyi Adeyinka Kazim Bibire, who had previously served as a special adviser to the Governor on local government and chieftaincy matters during the Omituntun 1.0, took this opportunity to acknowledge and applaud the various facets of Saintabey’s character.

Bibire commended Saintabbey, describing him as a “man of many parts” and lauded his role as a quintessential educationist and an advocate of good governance.

The expression “man of many parts” signifies that Saintabbey possesses a diverse range of talents, skills, and attributes, all of which contribute to his significance within the political and educational arenas.

Bibire concluded his felicitation with a heartfelt prayer, saying, “May Bashorun Saintabbey live a long, meaningful life on this earth.”

The strong and enduring relationship between Bibire and Saintabbey is marked by mutual respect and admiration, reflecting their shared commitment to the betterment of Oyo state.

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