February 28, 2024

Hon. Lanre Sarumi, the PDP candidate for the federal house of representatives in Ibadan North federal constituency during the last general election, has extended his heartfelt condolences to the family of PDP leader, Engineer Olatunji Ajuwon, as well as the PDP family in Ibadan North Local Government and Oyo State.

In a statement released earlier today, Hon. Lanre Sarumi described the news of Ajuwon’s passing as deeply shocking.

“Baba Ajuwon was a core party leader and an intelligent elder statesman”.Sarumi stated.

Ajuwon’s contributions to the PDP in Ibadan North Local Government and Oyo State were recognized and highly valued by Hon. Lanre Sarumi.

“The passing of Baba Ajuwon is a great loss not only to the PDP in Ibadan North Local Government but also to the entire Oyo State,” Hon. Lanre Sarumi said in his statement.

Engineer Ajuwon was a dedicated PDP National delegate at the last PDP national convention, where he represented Ibadan North Local Government and Oyo State, underscoring his commitment to the party at both local and national levels.

Hon. Lanre Sarumi concluded his statement with a heartfelt prayer for the repose of Engineer Ajuwon’s soul, saying, “May his soul find eternal repose.”

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