February 22, 2024

Flowers make way more to hospitals and gravesides; unfortunately the receivers are either not in a right state of mind to receive and appreciate them or ignorant of the values of the flowers; but I Dikko Salami was not only in a right state of mind, but also understands and esteems the value of the figurative flowers I received in texts, gifts, calls, and recommendations, amongst others.

I cannot hide the overwhelming show of love I witnessed and received on the occasion of my birthday. I could not help but be left in awe and introspection.

Special regards, thanks and honor to His Excellency, our Governor, mentor and father, Engr. Oluseyi Makinde, who has given me this opportunity and platform, who in his benevolence, thought that I should be bestowed with such privilege; I’m indeed grateful.

Beyond the celebration, I saw the expectations and I use this medium to pledge once again to remain resilient on the right path and course and even get better.

Thank you all once again for the love. May we always have good causes to celebrate with each other.

Yours in Service,
Hon.(Dr.) Salami Oladeji DIKKO
Chairman and Sole Administrator, Oyo State Pacesetter Transport Services.

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