February 22, 2024

Oluyole Chairmanship Candidate for the forthcoming Local Government Elections, Engr Akeem Olatunji, has extended heartfelt congratulations to Victor Olojede and Abiodun Oluwaseun Laurel on their well-deserved reappointment as Senior Special Assistants to Governor Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde. Adding their remarkable dedication and exceptional performance during the first term administration, known as Omititun 1.0, have earned them the trust and recognition of the governor once again.

Having served as Special Assistants to the Governor, Olojede and Oluwaseun have consistently demonstrated brilliance and expertise in their respective roles. Victor Olojede’s unwavering commitment to student affairs has positively impacted the lives of countless young individuals under the Governor Makinde’s administration.

Mr. Abiodun Oluwaseun’s relentless efforts in project delivery have contributed significantly to the successful execution of developmental projects, further cementing Governor Makinde’s vision for progress and growth.

Engr Akeem Olatunji commends Olojede and Oluwaseun for their outstanding contributions and urges them to continue inspiring other youths with their exceptional leadership skills and dedication to public service. Their reappointment serves as a testament to their capabilities and the trust Governor Makinde has placed in them to continue serving the people of Oyo state.

Recognizing the significance of youth representation in government, Engr Akeem Olatunji calls upon Governor Makinde not to relent in his habit of embracing young and talented individuals who are bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to his administration. The achievements of Olojede and Oluwaseun serve as a shining example of the positive impact young leaders can make when given the opportunity to serve their communities.

Engr Akeem Olatunji emphasizes that the inclusion of more young minds will not only invigorate the administration but also contribute to the overall development and progress of the state. By harnessing the collective brilliance and energy of the youths, Governor Makinde is successfully creating a dynamic and forward-thinking government that addresses the evolving needs and aspirations of the people.

Engr Akeem Olatunji’s recognition of Victor Olojede and Abiodun Oluwaseun’s achievements and their well-deserved reappointment as Senior Special Advisers reflects the governor’s commitment to fostering youthful leadership and promoting excellence in public service.

The expectation is that Governor Makinde will continue to prioritize the inclusion of talented and capable young individuals in his administration to ensure a bright and prosperous future for Oyo State.

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