March 3, 2024

Oyo State governor, ‘Seyi Makinde, said on Saturday that his administration will continue to do everything within its power to cushion the effects of the economic hardship the people are faced with, urging residents of the state to continue to cooperate with his government.

The governor, who acknowledged that Nigerians were going through difficult times, said that the people would have to cooperate with the government of the day and also seek the face of God at this trying period.

The governor said this at the Oja’ba Central Mosque, Ibadan, where he attended the installation of a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Oloye Nureni Akanbi, as the Baba’sale Musulumi of Ibadanland.

“Yes, we are all going through serious economic challenges generally. In one of the old songs, a particular songwriter sang a song relating to what we are currently witnessing in the country, saying that people cannot eat what they wish but what is available; that children no longer listen to their parents, and all that. I learned the song was released around 1982.

“I thought deeply about the song, but what I am trying to bring out is the fact that even if we are going through some challenges, whoever God wants to have mercy upon, nobody can stop him.

“So, what we need is cooperation and to continue to seek God’s mercy in the midst of the current challenges. This is because since 1982 when the artiste released the song, there were many people God uplifted. Many people have been making headway since then.

“As a government, we will continue to do what is within our capacity to cushion the effect of the challenges we are going through,” Governor Makinde said.

He congratulated Alhaji Akanbi, praying to God to make his reign as Baba’sale Musulumi peaceful, while he also used the occasion to express gratitude to the Muslim Ummah in Oyo State for voting for him overwhelmingly despite having Muslims as major opposition parties’ candidates.

He maintained that his government would continue to stay true to its commitment to serve the people, saying: “The Muslims promised to support me for my reelection and you fulfilled the promise.

And I want to assure you too that what I have promised to do for you in return, I will do it. So, I appreciate you all.

“The man we are celebrating today, Alhaji Chief Nureni Adebayo Akanbi, now has a three-in-one position in Ibadanland.

In politics, he just got the latest position as a member of the Elders Council of Oyo State. In the traditional institution setting, he is Aare Egbe Omo Balogun and the latest is his installation as the Baba’sale Musulumi of Ibadanland, which is in the religious circle.”

The governor commended the process for the installation of Alhaji Akanbi as Baba’sale Musulumi, noting that the system mirrors the well-organised pattern in the Olubadan succession plan and that it showed that there is sanity and proper arrangement in Ibadanland.
The governor also promised to sit with the contractor handling the Oja’ba Central Mosque renovation project being undertaken by the government, noting that the project would be completed within the next few months.
“When the Chief Imam was talking, he delved into the ongoing work in this mosque. Quite frankly, I have not asked those working on the project for some time now because of my busy schedule but I learned it is yet to be completed.
“The contractor wants more money because of the inflationary trend. But I will have an audience with the contractor by next week so that we can know all the things he needs to complete the mosque in the next two months,” the governor added.
Speaking earlier, the new Baba’sale Musulumi of Ibadanland, Oloye Akanbi, appreciated the governor for gracing the event though he was given a short notice.
“I appreciate the Governor for gracing this occasion despite the short notice given to him. I really appreciate him and his cabinet. May his administration continue to yield positive results for the people of the state.

“I want to appreciate everyone who has come to show me love here by attending today’s event,” he said.

Sulaimon Olanrewaju
Chief Press Secretary to Oyo State Governor
October 28, 2023.

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