July 15, 2024

The Governor Makinde administration has put in place an enabling environment to support the growth of private sector investment in agribusiness, particularly in the processing areas such as the first sorbitol and brown sugar factory in Nigeria and the Agricultural Equipment fabrication center.

Fashola Agribusiness Industrial Estate is a commendable initiative that not only attracts investments but also provides a conducive environment for agribusiness to thrive. By focusing on multiple value chains, promoting value addition, and providing necessary infrastructure and equipment, the estate contributes to the overall growth and development of the agricultural sector in Oyo State.

The estate’s focus on the Dairy value chain, specifically 1,000 lactating cows, 300 hectares of maize, and 150 hectares of pastures, highlights the commitment to developing a robust dairy industry in the region. This investment in dairy production will not only contribute to local food security but also create employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth.

The inclusion of a Tomato value chain with 3 greenhouses and a processing center demonstrates the estate’s emphasis on value addition and agro-processing. By providing the infrastructure and facilities necessary for tomato production and processing, the estate supports local farmers and encourages the growth of the tomato industry.

Additionally, the estate’s focus on Banana and plantain plantation with a processing center, Cassava plantation with a processing center, and the establishment of an equipment leasing company with over 20 agricultural equipment highlights the diversification and integration of different agricultural value chains. This approach helps to maximize productivity, reduce post-harvest losses, and enhance the overall efficiency of the agribusiness operating in the estate. The inclusion of a cashew plantation and a Goat to beef company showcases the estate’s commitment to exploring various agribusiness opportunities. These initiatives contribute to the development of a vibrant and diverse agricultural sector in Oyo State.

The revamping of the moribund agriculture facility worth over N20 billion Naira through a PPP approach by Governor Makinde signifies a bold and forward-thinking approach to agricultural development.The PPP approach allows the government to share risks and responsibilities with the private sector, making it a mutually beneficial arrangement. The private sector brings in capital, technology, and management expertise, while the government provides an enabling environment, regulatory framework, and access to resources. This collaborative effort will lead to the development of a sustainable and competitive agriculture facility.

The infusion of such a significant amount of funds will enable the facility to acquire state-of-the-art equipment, upgrade infrastructure, provide training and capacity building for farmers, and support research and development initiatives.This initiative will unlock the potential of the facility, create employment opportunities, enhance productivity, and further strengthen the agricultural sector in the region.

By attracting private sector investments, the Governor recognizes the importance of leveraging the expertise, resources, and innovation that the private sector brings to the table. This collaboration between the government and private sector will lead to the development of stronger private sector initiatives, which will have a positive impact on the overall agribusiness ecosystem.

The injection of $30 million dollars into agribusiness will support various aspects of the sector, including infrastructure development, research and development, capacity building, and technological advancements. These investments will help to modernize and optimize agribusiness processes, enhance productivity, and improve the overall competitiveness of the sector.

He has prioritized the development of necessary infrastructure to support agribusiness activities. This includes improving transportation networks, light up Oyo project and providing adequate security network. These infrastructure developments are crucial for the successful establishment and operation of processing facilities in Fasola Farm Settlement.

The magic finger of Agribusiness has actively engaged with stakeholders in the private sector to foster collaboration and partnerships. This includes working closely with agribusiness associations, industry experts, and financial institutions to provide support and guidance to potential investors. By creating a platform for dialogue and cooperation, the government is able to address challenges and provide necessary assistance to facilitate private sector investment in agribusiness.

This administration has invested in capacity building programs and research and development initiatives to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals involved in the agribusiness sector. This includes training programs on modern agricultural practices, technological advancements, and value chain management. By equipping individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge, the administration is promoting innovation and efficiency in the agribusiness sector.

Integrally, by focusing on capacity development, His Excellency as a youthful Governor recognizes the importance of equipping the youth with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to succeed in the agribusiness sector. This initiative not only empowers the youth but also creates a pool of talented individuals who can contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural sector in the region. Specifically targeting 5200 youth and young leaders in Agribusiness enterprises, along with support for business formation and development through input financing and de- risking of finance, is a commendable initiative.This support will help young leaders overcome financial constraints and enable them to develop viable and sustainable agribusiness enterprises.

In this Omituntun 2.0, the Peoples Governor has also given hand of support for over 10,000 smallholder farmers through input supports and capacity development, seed development systems to support agricultural productivity in the state as this will boost agricultural production in the state.

He prioritized the development of women entrepreneurs in agribusiness which is crucial for the economic growth of Oyo state. Women make up a significant portion of the agricultural workforce, and empowering them to become successful entrepreneurs can lead to increased productivity, improved livelihoods, and poverty reduction. He has ensured access to finance through government agencies that will enable them to invest in equipment, inputs, and other resources necessary for their businesses. Oyo state government under the administration of Governor Makinde is unlocking the full potential of women in agribusiness, leading to inclusive economic growth and sustainable development.

The gentle giant but wild wind of infrastructural development, has put Oyo state on the front burner of second to none in agricultural development and induced partnership, Where there is no will , there is no way, Gov SEYI has the will ( taking drum) and way which is magic fingers that can not be hidden.

Hon (Barr) Rita Orji is Governor Seyi Makinde’s ally, she writes from Abuja

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