February 27, 2024

In a heartwarming gesture, former Caretaker Chairman of Aare Latosa Local LCDA, Alhaji Kazeem Oshoniyi, has extended his warmest congratulations and heartfelt wishes to former Oyo State House of Assembly member,who represented Ibadan North Constituency 1 Hon. Folajimi Oyekunle (Don), as he celebrates another remarkable year of life.

The felicitation message, made available to Thepopulistnews, underscores the deep admiration for Hon. Folajimi Oyekunle (Don) and his unwavering dedication to the development of Oyo state.

Alhaji Oshoniyi commends the exemplary commitment demonstrated by Hon. Oyekunle in serving his people, acknowledging the significant positive impact he has made in the lives of many.

Alhaji. Oshoniyi praises Hon. Oyekunle’s resolute commitment to public service and his relentless determination to effect positive change within the community.

He highlights how Hon. Oyekunle’s leadership and compassion have been a source of inspiration to many, generating immense gratitude among its members.

The message goes on to express wishes for a year filled not only with success but also with continued personal and professional growth for Hon. Oyekunle.

Alhaji Oshoniyi hopes for an abundance of joy, fulfillment, and prosperity in all his endeavors in the coming year.

He further extends a wish for health and happiness to accompany Hon. Oyekunle on his journey ahead.

As the birthday of Hon. Folajimi Oyekunle (Don) is celebrated, Alhaji Oshoniyi encourages not only the commemoration of this special day but also the celebration of the remarkable person that Hon. Oyekunle is.

He emphasizes the significance of Hon. Oyekunle’s dedication to the betterment of society, describing it as a beacon of hope for the state.

Furthermore, he expresses eager anticipation of even greater achievements from Hon. Oyekunle in the future.

Fundamentally, Alhaji Kazeem Oshoniyi extends his warmest regards to Hon. Oyekunle and sends his best wishes for a birthday that is not only the best one yet but also filled with moments of joy, love, and success.

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