March 3, 2024

Olusegun C. A. Taiwo proudly known as OCAT commended the Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde as he signed the Executive orders Establishing the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the protection of the Mining communities against Insecurity and exploitation in Oyo State.

The Governor signed the executive orders during an event held at the conference room of the Governor’s office Agodi Ibadan.

OCAT said that” the creation of the ministry of Culture and Tourism would create equal representation of all sectors in governance and encouragement for stakeholders in Cultural Tourism.”

“Our governor Engr (Dr) Seyi Makinde has once again proven that he is a governor for all and a promise keeper as he fulfills 1 of his agenda of using cultural tourism to drive Oyo State.”

He commended Oyo State Government as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism can now officially and adequately perform the responsibility of identification, development, preservation, documentation and promotion of the state’s tourism resources, arts and cultural heritage.

OCAT appealed to investors within Oyo State and abroad to take interest in the over 100 cultural tourisms and heritages, which are in turn good businesses for them and the government.

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