February 22, 2024

Chief Benedict Akika, the revered Agbaakin of olorunda Abaa and founder of the Omituntun Benedict Forum, has undertaken a compassionate endeavor to mitigate the challenges faced by the people.

In response to the formidable economic challenges, the Omituntun Benedict Forum has distributed food palliatives to its members, extending support to address the pressing need for sustenance during these trying times.

Recognizing that food is a primary means of relief in a society contending with biting economic difficulties, Agbaakin Akika’s foundation has reached out to the members of Omituntun Benedict Forum and other citizens in need.

Chief Benedict Akika, a steadfast advocate for community development and empowerment, has articulated his unwavering commitment to the well-being of both the forum’s members and other citizens.

He has pledged that this distribution of foodstuffs is just the initial step in their collective journey toward a brighter future, assuring all recipients of continued support and his unwavering dedication to their happiness and needs.

This noble act by Agbaakin Benedict Akika exemplifies the spirit of solidarity and community support, showcasing the resilience and compassion of leaders during challenging times.

The Omituntun Benedict Forum’s endeavor to extend food relief underscores their united effort to provide succor to the citizenry facing economic hardships.

As Oyo State and other states in Nigeria navigates these difficult times, the actions of Agbaakin of olorunda Abaa, Chief Benedict Akika and the Omituntun Benedict Forum serve as a beacon of hope, further complementing the efforts of the executive Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde, in the fight against hunger in the region.

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