February 23, 2024


Living with disabilities has always been challenging, and more than any other class of men we battle so hard not only for survival but also for love and recognition. And maybe because of our limitations many often treat us less as human thereby forcing us to settle for pity where like others we ought to be eligible for the same rights.

Meanwhile, with all that life threw at us we still have among us graduates, men of great intellect and potential waiting for the opportunity to impact their world.

I had thought my dream of a life beyond pity for the disabled would die a mere wishful thinking considering the efforts I had put up for this fight in all my years in the political space but thanks to our God-sent messiah who saw the need to address what had over two decades remained unattended to.

Of course, in our own book of records, the name Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde will forever be written in gold.

This is the first time that persons living with disabilities would be so involved in the government even to the grassroots level, and an agency would be created to cater for their needs.

The agency for the persons living with disabilities as designed by His Excellency is saddled with many responsibilities aimed at creating an enabling environment through which the persons living with disabilities can also have equal access to rights that others enjoy among which are rights to a good life, education, employment opportunities and so on.

It is of note to state that our Governor has also made a provision for the smooth running of this agency in the state budget and with this, I am sure the general public will henceforth now see us the same and accord us the quality of love we deserve so that collectively we can together make the world more better.

While I wholeheartedly want to say a big thank you to His Excellency, Governor Oluseyi Makinde for giving us a new path to life, I am also assuring on behalf of all the special beings that we will not take this for granted. And soon all the needed awareness and education on disabilities rights shall be coming to the public so that our peaceful co-existence can be enhanced towards a greater Oyo State.

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