March 3, 2024

As the 18th annual edition of Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is currently underway in Kyoto in Japan, the lawmaker representing Ibadan Northwest/ Southwest Federal Constituency, Hon Adedeji Olajide Stanley Odidiomo joined other eminent personalities at the event which provides a global platform for stakeholders to discuss critical public policy and issues concerning the Internet.

The 18th edition which has the theme “The Internet We Want, Empowering All People” also explores various sub-themes crucial to Internet governance and developmen across the globe.

Hon. Stanley Olajide, popularly known as Odidi Omo, is playing a vital role at the 18th Annual IGF Meeting.

As the Chairman of the Committee on ICT and Cyber Security in Nigeria’s at the Green Chamber, his presence at this event holds immense importance.

He brings his expertise and insights to the discussions, representing Nigeria’s interests and contributing to the global dialogue on Internet governance and ICT development.

“As the Chairman of the Committee on ICT and Cyber Security, I believe that the ongoing 18th Annual IGF Meeting is of paramount importance to our nation.

” In today’s digital age, where technology is the backbone of progress, the decisions made here will have a profound impact on Nigeria’s digital future.

“This event allows us to gain valuable insights into global best practices in Internet governance, cybersecurity, and the development of emerging technologies.

“It provides a unique opportunity for Nigeria to align its ICT policies and strategies with the ever-evolving digital landscape on a global scale.

“As we discuss crucial sub-themes such as AI & Emerging Technologies, Cybersecurity, and Data Governance, I am confident that the knowledge and experiences shared at IGF 2023 will guide us in enhancing our nation’s cybersecurity measures and fostering innovation in the ICT sector.

” It’s not just about attending; it’s about actively participating and bringing back actionable insights that will benefit Nigeria’s ICT infrastructure, protect our citizens online, and contribute to our nation’s progress in the digital age.”

Hon. Stanley Olajide’s presence at the 18th Annual IGF Meeting exemplifies Nigeria’s commitment to shaping its ICT future and ensuring the nation’s digital empowerment in an increasingly interconnected world.

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