February 27, 2024

Ibadan North Constituency 2 has witnessed transformation and development under the exceptional leadership of Honorable Adebayo Babajide Gabriel. With a remarkable track record of achievements, Honorable Gabriel has proven to be a dedicated representative, committed to uplifting the lives of his constituents.

In his first term, Honorable Gabriel left an indelible mark by drilling an impressive 23 boreholes, providing clean and accessible water to communities in need. Additionally, he embarked on a groundbreaking empowerment scheme, creating opportunities for numerous individuals through the provision of various equipment. His efforts in this regard were unrivaled among the 32 members of the Oyo State House of Assembly.

The people recognized his outstanding performance, acknowledging him as the best-performing State Honorable during his first tenure. Now, as he begins his second term, Honorable Gabriel has wasted no time in setting a high standard for himself. He has recently hired 20 new aides, including 2 personal assistants, 1 Senior Legislative Assistant, 6 Special Assistants, 1 Private Secretary, 4 Media Aides, and 6 Advisory Council members. This move solidifies his commitment to effective representation and ensures that his constituents receive the highest level of support and assistance.

As the “Jagaban” of the 9th and 10th Assembly, Honorable Adebayo Babajide Gabriel has left an indelible mark across all sectors, introducing impactful motions and bills that have positively affected the lives of Ibadan North residents. The trust and belief that the people have in him reflect his unwavering dedication to improving their quality of life.

Honorable Gabriel’s political status is a testament to his significant contributions to the history of Oyo State’s political landscape. With a heart full of generosity and a passion for giving back to his community, he is undoubtedly the best representative any resident could ask for.

In summary, Honorable Adebayo Babajide Gabriel has proven himself to be a true champion of progress and empowerment in Ibadan North Constituency 2. With an impressive list of accomplishments and a strong commitment to the well-being of his constituents, he continues to inspire hope and drive positive change.

Asiwaju YSO Oládùnńi Writes From Ibadan

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